I’ve recently answered a question on the German Quora (https://de.quora.com/Warum-sollte-man-in-Java-lieber-auf-die-Rekursion-verzichten/answer/Markus-Toman) that stated: “Why should you refrain from recursion in Java?”.

I think we should avoid recursion by default, except if:

  • you are working in a language where recursion is essential and highly-optimized (Haskell, LISP dialects, Erlang/elixir and most other functional languages)
  • the recursive version is much easier to maintain and understand AND does not negatively affect performance to an unreasonable degree
  • the recursive algorithm is easier parallelizable (typically because of immutability)

In this post we discuss this topic, starting with high-level Python, going over to C++ and finally ending up in assembly.

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